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We make men to look and feel fantastic each day, with great haircuts, styles, beard trims, also tips on how to manage your style or beard with our signature men’s styling products, and cleanse, treat and style range.

Creating and maintaining an attractive external look is not only a question of interest for ladies, but for gents as well. Men's beauty also requires professional care, which allows highlighting the strong and masking the weak sides of the appearance. The choice of personal style corresponding to the way of life, profession and personal preferences allows feeling confident and harmonious in any circumstances. Men's salons in Dubai's 5-star hotel spa areas offer a premium range of services, expert beauticians and barbers, as well as specialized equipment and a variety of products needed to achieve the perfect result.

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Features of professional care

Men's manicure today is not only care of the nails and cuticles, giving an even form and removing visually noticeable defects. Masters of our salons using modern equipment and the best care products by leading European brands in order to improve the health and strengthen the natural structure of the nails. We strictly follow the rules of safe care and hygiene standards, and make every effort to create a comfortable atmosphere where every guest will feel calm and relaxed.

ELMAX Benefits

The interest in men's pedicure and manicure is an absolutely logical result of following modern trends. Every man should have a respectable and presentable look, and hands are literally the business card, showing the welfare and status. In addition, a visit to a professional beauty salon allows you to save time, and guarantees the result, corresponding to the expectations of even the most demanding clients. Our specialists guarantee:

Individual approach

The choice of care products and procedures, which will help to create an attractive appearance, takes into account personal features of each client

Safety and reliability

Qualified specialists, certified equipment and brand consumables guarantee a quality solution to any problem.

Comfort and convenience

Our network salons offer a full range of luxury services, including a choice of appropriate haircuts, beard care, waxing and eyebrow line correction. All the stylists have at their disposal everything needed to simplify routine daily grooming.

Professional approach, competent choice of solutions and quality assurance are the things that are equally valued by both women and men, and proper care of hands and feet requires special attention. The experience of our specialists will help you make the right decisions that will ensure perfect nails in all situations. Do not rely on chance, relying on the result of finding "the closest men's pedicure salon near me". Make an appointment at your convenience — and we'll make sure you have the right look

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