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“Beautiful eyelashes are the perfect frame for your eyes, adding a touch of enchantment to every glance”
EYELASH Extensions

EYELASH Extensions

AED 340 / AED 270+

Full Set / Refill

Brow Lamination

EYELASH Lamination

AED 150

Lasts from Four to Six Weeks

Quick Lashes

QUICK Lashes

AED 120

Reusable after Your Party



AED 30+

Add Some Colors or Stones



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Eyelash Care The eyes are the window to the soul, and in order to emphasize the expressiveness of the look, it is important to provide proper eyelash care. The main indicators that are traditionally used to assess the attractiveness of lashes include color depth, length, density, shape and volume. Our beauty salons at spa areas of 5-star luxury hotels have everything needed to create an enchanting look. Experienced lashmasters offer a wide variety of treatments, from extensions and styling to gentle eyelash removal. Competent treatment guarantees not only safety, but also the quality of care, providing a result that will last long enough — up to 1.5-2 months.

Features of Professional Care

Modern eyelash care techniques require special equipment and certified products that help to strengthen the natural structure. Services demanded by clients of our salons include an increase in volume (including the Superstar Mega option), as well as eyelash refill and style, which help to maintain the ideal shape. The richness of the final shade allows it to do without daily mascara coloring, and gentle care — excludes premature and active loss of separate elements. Natural symmetry and an elegant curve emphasize the original beauty and expression of the eyes.

modern eyelash design

Our Benefits

Luxurious complex treatment, offered by the masters of our beauty salons, provides an opportunity to create a completely new image or add a few touches to the existing one, making the look more vivid and saturated. Guarantee of a successful result is provided by a professional approach to each procedure, the use of proven equipment and the best cosmetic products, as well as the years of experience of the best stylists.

The list of services includes not only eyelash extensions and styling, but also hair, face, hands and feet care, as well as creating a perfect makeup for daily and special events. For those who value their time and do not want to spend hours per day on routine procedures, which do not always yield the expected results, visiting a beauty salon is the best solution. You'll redefine your own style, get expert advice, and discover effective solutions that will help you stay attractive in all situations. Book an appointment right now by choosing the nearest salon and the most convenient time for your visit — simply call the phone numbers indicated on the website or use a special online form. Contact the professionals — we know everything about eyelash extensions and are ready to share our experience with you!

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