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Spa services
Experience ultimate relaxation with our spa services designed for pure tranquility and rejuvenation

Spa Services

You don't have to wait for vacations or long holidays, the opening of borders, and the removal of restrictions to get rid of endless stress, and restore the emotional charge. Complete spa treatments for gents and ladies are an opportunity to completely relieve fatigue and stress, forget about daily worries, and restore vigor for a long period of time. Different kinds of luxury massage, aromatherapy, face and body care techniques — all this is already waiting for you! Our beauty salons are located in the spa areas of 5 star luxury hotels and offer everything necessary for a woman or man to enjoy a great time.

Spa services

Professional Spa Treatments

The programs of care prepared by our specialists are based on the recommendations of leading experts in the art of massage, and are optimal for most clients, regardless of gender or age. The complex includes:

Russian SPA

Visiting the steam room, staying in which restores overall tone, helps to eliminate toxins and harmful elements, and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Various types of massage

Traditional Thai, European and bamboo ones. Each of these helps to achieve maximum relaxation, restoring our guests' energy reserves.


Skin cleaning with products from leading European brands. Scrubs and peeling masks not only effectively remove old cells, but also fill the skin with vitamins, giving a fresh and renewed appearance.


Massage for tightening, slimming and restoring the skin tone. Anticellulite complex performed by skilled masters is a guarantee of youth and attractiveness extension.


Reveal hidden reserves of your own sense of smell and enjoy the aromas of natural plants and fruits. The soothing ambience helps release tension, inspires positive emotions and creates a perfect mood

Take time for your own health, and enjoy a visit to the Spa for men and women in our beauty salons.

Spa services

Our Benefits

For our Premium Spa treatments we use only approved and quality skin care products to provide you with the highest level of service, giving you a feeling of luxury and comfort. All specialists have experience in the beauty industry, which guarantees a professional and sensitive approach to each client. We ensure the quality and safety of our services. Before booking a treatment our specialists will ask about your health condition and help you to choose the best spa procedure to relieve accumulated stress, restore vivacity and inner strength as well as increase your external appeal.

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