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Beard Shave

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Light Beard Trim

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Beard Color

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gents beard services


Gents Beard services

A Man's beard is not only one of the attributes of the external look. It is a reflection of masculinity, through which you can demonstrate inner strength, brutality and independence. Many owners of magnificent beards are ready to spend up to several hours a week for their care, taking care of their appearance as well as women taking care of their haircuts or manicures. However, a more convenient option that is guaranteed to produce the desired result and saves time is to visit a barbershop where a certified men's barber will undertake the grooming duties.

Features of the professional beard care

Competent selection and regular use of cosmetics for men’s beard care — a prerequisite for those who plan to maintain their image in an attractive appearance to others. Experienced barbers can easily determine the option that best corresponds to the type and length of hair.

As for the salon procedures directly — the experts distinguish four main stages, each of which seems to be important enough in terms of achieving and maintaining an attractive result:

beard care

The main function of the male barber, which defines the style and appearance of the male beard, as well as helping to remove everything unnecessary to leave a perfect structure.

Proper drying

Designed to ensure a proper and neat shape that lasts under all circumstances.


As in the case of styling men's hair, involves the use of wax or a special composition containing natural oils that strengthen the structure and make the appearance more attractive.


This is a great way to manage bad hair and is an essential part of haircare.

For the growth of the beard you should regularly use special products for the care of the beard and mustache. Professional barber haircut — a guarantee of quality and style. The complex approach in the form of home treatments and timely visit to the salon on the care of a beard will help to achieve the result which will definitely decorate any man.

Our advantages

Turning to the specialists of our network of beauty salons, you can count on premium service. The list of services includes everything you need, from using the products you need in preparation to making recommendations for home care. Each men's hairstylist on our team is well versed in how to keep your beard thick and shaped while maintaining a perfect look. Special attention is paid to the techniques that allow to make the structure more dense and fuller — practice shows that sometimes even simple manipulations are enough to achieve the desired result.

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