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Gents hair services
Gents hair service

Hair Cut

AED 120

Classic Hair Cut

Gents hair service

Hair Cut by Lady Barber

AED 200

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Man Hair Keratin

Hair Keratin

AED 350+

Straight and Smooth Hair

Man hair color

Hair Color

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No Grey Hair / Get New Style

gents hair services

Hair Cut & Style

Hair Color

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gents Hair services

The choice of a man's haircut should correspond to the image and status of its owner. Proper care helps to maintain a healthy structure, prevents premature hair loss, removes graying and conceals problem areas. In addition, the professional experience of the specialists who work in our beauty salons guarantees the best choice of cosmetics for daily care, which will make it much easier to keep the achieved results. Hair cut and style for men is a demanded service, which is highly recommended to anyone who takes care of his appearance.

Features of professional hair care

Men's lifestyle, as a rule, is inextricably associated with factors that negatively affect the condition of hair and scalp. Stressful situations, lack of sleep, poor diet — all this leaves its mark. The lack of high-quality care leads to the fact that hair becomes unkempt, and men's image turns out to be repulsive and unpleasant to others. In our beauty salons located in the spa areas of 5-star hotels, we provide a full range of services — from barbershop to cosmetology services for hands and feet, so you can save time and get luxury results that correspond to your status.

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Our advantages

Professional Men's Beauty Salon is a comprehensive premium service that practices:

Gentle hair care

A competent choice of products and techniques to create a visual look ensures an attractive appearance, while ensuring that the internal structure is strengthened. Take care of your hair to keep it looking good for a long time.

Individual approach

Men's hair stylists not only have all necessary tools and means from the leading European manufacturers at their disposal but also possess a great practical experience. The hair style for men is selected taking into account all factors, starting from individual peculiarities of appearance and finishing with personal preferences of our clients.

The full cycle of accompaniment

Men's haircuts also require care at home — otherwise it will be very problematic to maintain the result. Experienced stylists will create a detailed program with a list of recommended products and their frequency of use. Follow simple guidelines to ensure that your look meets your expectations in all conditions.

The modern approach to the issue of gents haircut is a timely visit to a professional hair stylist, use of quality shampoos and balms and products that help strengthen the hair structure. Trust the professionals to not worry about such issues, and make an appointment at your convenience — we will take care of your good looks!

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