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We make men to look and feel fantastic each day, with great haircuts, styles, beard trims, also tips on how to manage your style or beard with our signature men’s styling products, and cleanse, treat and style range.

Creating and maintaining an attractive external look is not only a question of interest for ladies, but for gents as well. Men's beauty also requires professional care, which allows highlighting the strong and masking the weak sides of the appearance. The choice of personal style corresponding to the way of life, profession and personal preferences allows feeling confident and harmonious in any circumstances. Men's salons in Dubai's 5-star hotel spa areas offer a premium range of services, expert beauticians and barbers, as well as specialized equipment and a variety of products needed to achieve the perfect result.

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Professional men's hair stylists understand not only fashion trends, but also methods that allow to revitalize and strengthen the hair structure. The use of botox and keratin-based products helps prevent the effects of natural age-related changes, giving power and shine. Professional coloring and toning, as well as choosing the perfect haircut in the salon for men, are standard services used by dozens of our clients every day.


A traditional barbershop limits the list of options available, so a visit to a men's beauty salon is the best solution. Skilled barbers will take care of giving your beard and mustache the right shape to accentuate the contours of face and enhance look. Besides, specialists will tell you how to properly groom your appearance on your own, in between scheduled visits, and will help you to choose suitable cosmetics from the leading European manufacturers.

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Hands and Feet

Accurately trimmed nails, with the right shape and without noticeable defects is a must for men who care about their look. Modern manicure and pedicure procedures involve the use of a special compound, which is applied to the surface and protects it from external influences. In addition to classic polishing, more and more popular is the use of nail art techniques, which allow you to create an original design.


The list of services in a men's beauty salon is not limited to the listed options. The individual approach to each client is complex and allows solving most of the issues and problems related to cosmetology. Brow correction, haircutting, barber services, manicure and pedicure, rejuvenation and face lifting — all these are actual and demanded services offered by the specialists of our salons. Real gentlemen are distinguished by flawlessness not only in manners, but also in appearance. Contact us — we can help you to easily meet this challenge!

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