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After Sun Rejuvenation

AED 490 / 60 mins

Anti Aging & Lifting

Anti-Aging & Lifting

AED 588 / 70 mins

Hyper Pigmentation​

Hyper Pigmentation

AED 630 / 70 mins

Mini Facial​

Mini Facial

AED 350 / 30 mins

ladies facial


Ladies Facial services

The face is everyone's calling card. It's no secret that it's impossible to look good without constant and proper facial care. Experts believe that it’s better to begin care in adolescence, when the skin surface becomes noticeable external signs of hormonal development of the body. And at the age of 20-25, when the first problems are left behind, and the signs of natural aging are still far away, it is important to form a simple but very useful habit — solve problems before they appear. With the help of our professional cosmetologists, you can count on a comprehensive and effective facial skin care that will ensure revitalization and maintenance of your natural beauty.

Features of Professional Facial Care

Located in the spa areas of luxury five-star hotels, our premium salons are fully equipped to provide the appropriate level of service. Professional facial care is a pleasurable array of manipulations that require a personalized touch. Cosmetic procedures can be used both individually and in combination to get a significant result.

The beauticians of our network salons offer a complex approach that includes the use of biocellulose masks and face care creams, anti aging techniques, restoration and strengthening of the internal structure of the skin. Individual characteristics are taken into account when drawing up the program, which allows us to determine the list of optimal cosmetic products. We work only with proven products from leading European brands whose quality is confirmed by international certificates. Thanks to professional care the maximum rejuvenating effect is achieved in a short time, and the maintenance of it requires much less effort.

Facial spa service
Facial service

Our advantages

High qualification of professionals with extensive experience in the beauty industry, reliable and effective methods of maxi and mini facials, quality cosmetics, avoiding negative skin reactions — all these factors contribute to the guarantee of achieving the desired results. Applying to the experts, you can be sure that we will take care of your attractiveness.

When deciding in favor of comprehensive care of your external appearance, you can be sure that this contribution is the most reliable. Fresh appearance adds to a lady's self-confidence, addressing many issues related to both career and personal life. Taking a step toward your youth by effortlessly prolonging it in a safe and effective way is one of those decisions that is better not to put off in a long time. Choose the convenient time and make an appointment with a professional cosmetologist today!

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