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Deep Tissue Massage

AED 480 / 60 mins
AED 670 / 90 mins

Aromatherapy Massage

AED 450 / 60 mins
AED 620 / 90 mins

Russian Massage

AED 480 / 60 mins
AED 670 / 90 mins

Four Hands Massage

AED 700 / 60 mins
AED 1200 / 90 mins

Anti-Cellulite Massage

AED 500 / 60 mins

Swedish Massage

AED 450 / 60 mins
AED 620 / 90 mins

Royal Thai Massage

AED 480 / 60 mins
AED 670 / 90 mins

Hot Stone Massage

AED 480 / 60 mins
AED 670 / 90 mins

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mini massage 15 MIN / 30 MIN

spa Massage services

The art of massage has been known for over two thousand years, and throughout history has been a complement to healing therapeutic procedures. Its main purpose is to release the inner energy that is hidden in the human body and suppressed by the negative effects of stress and accumulated fatigue. During the session, the therapist identifies pressure points and affects them by means of a special technique, which brings about relaxation and improvement in the functionality of vital systems. Our beauty salon network offers services of professional masseurs, practicing traditional Thai, European and other types of massages, which are guaranteed to be helpful for your well-being and mood.

Features of Professional Massage

Comfort and effectiveness of the chosen SPA procedure is guaranteed by the level of service provided by the specialists of our premium beauty salons. The privileged establishment maintains an authentic atmosphere — and to experience it to the fullest, it is enough to take advantage of the current offerings. Thai techniques, slimming massages, as well as treatments using healing herbs, aromatic oils and professional care products all promise an unforgettable experience. Options available to our clients include:

Traditional Thai Massage

A classical body treatment that consists of two elements skillfully combined into one: acupressure, that is the action on problematic areas through pressure on specific points on the body, and exercises borrowed from yoga practice, including twisting and stretching.

Bamboo massage

A relatively new technique of performing massage — with the help of bamboo sticks — is considered one of the most effective for relaxation. It removes unnecessary muscle tension, mental fatigue and stress. The procedure promotes the constriction and dilation of blood vessels. A slight vibration is created when working on the body with special bamboo sticks, improving blood circulation, metabolic processes in the body, nutrition of cells and tissues.

4 Hand Massage

Four hands massage is an unconventional and creative type of massage. It presupposes simultaneous work of two masseurs with one client, which gives the masseur an unusual experience of harmony and brings the client to the deepest relaxation, as well as saves your precious time.

In addition, European massage, comprehensive body care, lifting massage to restore tone and other procedures performed by certified professionals are waiting for you. Don't put off taking care of your health — use the help of professionals to feel as comfortable as possible.

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